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What are the basic functions of medical nursing beds? What are the practical ones?

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The basic functions of the medical care bed include: back lifting function, leg lifting and falling function, turning over function, foldable guardrail and movable table board. Most of these functions are included. My family also has the stool function and the hair washing function. When turning over, my family's medestar is three fold. Because it is paralyzed due to the head, it can't take care of itself, so it is more comfortable to turn over, It is very convenient to feed, scrub, exercise and daily care! In terms of practicality, first of all, the multi-functional electric nursing bed can allow the user to adjust the height of the back and feet through the hand control device beside the pillow, so as to facilitate and flexibly carry out horizontal lifting and lowering, avoid bedsore caused by long-term bed rest, and help to recover as soon as possible; In addition, the high back can rise by 80 degrees, and the low foot can fall by 90 degrees. It has the function of free falling of the foot shelf, so that the sole of the foot can be placed on the shelf easily, which makes people feel comfortable like sitting in a natural posture on a chair; Moreover, the bed is equipped with a dining shelf, and the medical care bed is convenient for the user to sit on the bed to eat, watch TV or read and write. Moreover, for the user, this function of the multi-functional medical care bed helps to reduce discomfort when changing clothes or changing body positions and provides convenience; The multi-functional medical care bed is also equipped with universal casters. The medical care bed can function as a wheelchair and is easy to move. It is also equipped with brakes and detachable guardrails. The bed plate of the medical care bed can be disassembled instantly; Mattresses are generally semi Zong and semi cotton, which have good air permeability and high durability. They are very light and easy to carry.

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